Sweet Orange Zarda

Ready in: 25 mins
Servings: 4


Parboiled rice (Sela rice) 2 cups

Sugar 1 cup

Fruiti-O Orange Nectar 1 cup

Khoya 200 gms

Cinnamon 2-3 sticks

Cloves 4-5 pcs

Yellow food coloring 1 pinch

Dried fruits ½ cup

Kewra essence a few drops

Orange (grated peel) as per need

Ghee ½ cup

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Clean the rice and soak them in water. Pour water in a pan and add sugar in it to make sugar syrup. Now heat ghee in a cauldron and roast cinnamon and cloves in it. Then add rice in the mix and keep adding water as per the need until the rice is cooked and water is almost evaporated. Then add sugar syrup in the rice and half the “khoya” with few drops of “kewra” essence. Pour Fruiti-O Orange Nectar in it and mix it well. Cover it with a lid and leave the rice to dry again. Once the rice is dry, add yellow food coloring in it and air tight the cauldron. Dish it out after a few minutes and serve it with orange peel and nuts.


Cook orange zest in sugar syrup

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