Bihari Boti

Ready in: 25 mins
Servings: 4


Muqaddum (Beef/ Mutton Thai piece) 1 kg

Red Chillies (whole) 15 units

Desiccated Coconut 4 tbs

Roasted Black Gram (powdered) 4 tbs

Cumin (regular) 1 tbs

Cumin (shah zeera) 1 tbs

Bay leaves (tez pattay) 4 units

Small Cardamom 4 units

Black Pepper 1 tsp

Red Chilli powder 1½ tbs

Salt as per taste

Yogurt 250 gms

Onion (sliced and fried) 2 units

Onion (paste & water removed) 2 units

Shangrila Worcestershire Sauce 2 tbs

Mustard Oil ½ cup

Kachri powder 2 tbs

Garlic ginger paste 1½ tbs

Charcoal as per need

Wooden sticks 1 packet

Shangrila Imli Ginger Sauce for serving

Puri parathas for serving

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  • Heat a pan and dry roast all the spices (whole red chillies, desiccated coconut, roasted black gram powdered, cumin seeds regular, cumin seeds, bay leaves,small cardimom, and black pepper
  • Grind it once the mixture is cool
  • Heat mustard oil in a saucepan till smoke subsides,leave to cool
  • Cut meat into 2 inch strips. Add in mustard Oil, yogurt,grinded masala, fried crushed onions, raw squeezed onion, kachri powder, and salt
  • Mix all ingredients well and leave for 48 hours. Before cooking, heat a charcoal piece and place it over meat pieces, and drop some oil over it, cover till smoke subsides
  • Now thread meat into skewers and place it over charcoal grill and cook over charcoal smoke till golden in color and well done. At the end brush it with ghee
  • Serve with Shangrila Imli Ginger Sauce and puri parathas


Bihari Kebab should be made with beef/mutton (thigh) piece only.

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